Congregational Leadership Training



Online computer trainingCongregational Leadership Training is a training program of the Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA) for leaders like you. Hosted by Grassroots Training, a ministry of Australian Lutheran College, the program addresses two key objectives within the LCA Strategic Direction 2013–2018 approved by General Synod in 2013:

  • improve capability and performance of congregational leaders
  • ensure effective governance at the congregational level.

In approving the LCA Strategic Direction, Synod delegates recognised that without the functions of governance and leadership, our call to Grow as God’s people and Go as God’s people will be harder to fulfil. Leaders like you enable your congregation members, pastor and other mission and ministry leaders/workers to do what they are called to do.

That’s why it’s important that you are trained and equipped as you perform your important supporting roles.

Course structure

Congregational Leadership Training (CLT) starts with ‘Foundations’, an introductory unit for all your office-holders and leaders. There are also specific units for chairpersons, secretaries and treasurers. Congregational Leadership Training is delivered online, so you can start anytime, anywhere, that suits your leadership teams.

Units for CLT

The training package includes the following units:


Introductory unit for all key office-holders and leaders in congregations


Specific training for chairpersons


Specific training for secretaries


Specific training for treasurers


Refresher – to enable congregational leaders to reconnect with their initial training for ongoing learning.

Note: Congregational Leadership Training units are available to all members of the LCA.

Other information

See the CLT-How-to-Guide for online training information.