2013 classes

Topics offered




Connection is an evangelism small group study with a difference. Built on an action-reflection learning experience, in Connection you will explore God’s mission to see all creation reconciled back to him, and how Jesus embodies this and gives us the example for mission to others in 8 x 1.5hr small group study series.

Learn where you fit into God’s mission for the world through understanding the culture we live in, identifying where God is already at work, what part your story and the stories of others have to play, and how you are salt and light to the world.

Connection is a small group study written by Grassroots Training in conjunction with subject area specialists.

  • Tania Nelson, Head of School of Theological Studies at ALC
  • Dan Sawade, Curriculum and Assessment Officer at ALC



The Christian Faith 


This class offers an overview of the central beliefs and teachings of the Christian faith, from both a Lutheran and an ecumenical perspective.

By attending to the main emphases of the creed, we will explore the following themes: the triune nature of God; God’s creation of the world and humanity; the enigma of sin and evil; the uniqueness of Jesus Christ and his saving work; the church and its ministry; the sacraments and worship; and the end of the universe!

If that isn’t enough, we will demystify some heavy duty Lutheran terms and concepts, such as justification and sanctification, law and gospel, and the theology of the cross.

All this will be done with a keen awareness of the contemporary world and the specific contexts in which we live and work.

The class is open to the public, as well as to students taking The Christian Faith for credit.

  • Linards Jansons, Lecturer in Pastoral Theology at ALC



Light in the Darkness 

Theological and pastoral reflections on mental illness, suicide, grieving, life after death and hope, peace and God’s grace in these situations.


Mark Worthing is a pastor and theologian of the Lutheran Church of Australia.

In 2009 his son was diagnosed with bi-polar, narcissistic personality disorder and schizoid affective disorder. On 26 February 2013, his son took his own life.

These classes arise out of Mark’s reflections on these seldom talked about issues in light of his son’s illness and death.

Mark will reflect on the following areas:

  • Theological and pastoral perspective on mental illness and suicide
  • Christian perspective on death and grieving
  • God and human suffering
  • What lies beyond death?
  • Light in the darkness

Please note: This class covers material that may be sensitive for some people. Please consider how this topic might affect you before enrolling.

  • Mark Worthing, Senior Researcher at the Australian Lutheran Institute for Theology and Ethics



For Faith and Freedom 

The story of Lutherans in Australia


What’s our story? Knowing our story helps us understand who we are today and gives us perspective for the future.

For faith and freedom in Christ Lutherans first came to this country—but holding fast to faith and freedom has always been a struggle and still is. In these six evening classes we shall look at important aspects of the story of Lutherans in Australia, including:

  • Why and how Lutherans first came to Australia
  • How they established strong communities centred on church and school
  • How they endured sad and debilitating divisions
  • How they reached out in mission to Aboriginal peoples
  • How they went through the traumas of war and persecution
  • How they became partners in mission overseas
  • How they took on new challenges after the war and flourished
  • How they came together to form one Lutheran church in this land
  • How the Lutheran story has unfolded since the time of Union
  • How Lutherans have become friends with other Christians
  • The situation of Lutherans in Australia today
  • Prospects for the future

The story of Lutherans in Australia is a small but significant part of 2000 years of Christian history—the amazing story that links all of our stories to The Story, God’s grace story in Christ Jesus for us and our salvation.

  • Dean Zweck, Lecturer in Church History at ALC