2015 classes

Topics offered


Does faith matter?

Upholding Christian faith in a world of non-faith, religions and -isms

  • Dr Dean Zweck, Lecturer in Church History at ALC

The Bible encourages Christians to ‘be ready at all times to answer anyone who asks you to explain the hope you have in you, but do it with gentleness and respect’ (1 Peter 3:15 GNB). We can best explain, uphold and defend our faith when we understand where people are coming from. In this class we learn about other religions and world-views and how we as Christians can enter into respectful dialogue with people of other faith, or no faith at all.



The grace-powered life

Lutheran spirituality according to Bo Giertz in his Christian classic ‘The hammer of God’

  • Dr Stephen Pietsch, Lecturer in Pastoral Theology at ALC

In a time when Lutherans seem more confused than ever about how to live a sanctified life, this spiritual classic offers insights and discoveries that continue to delight and liberate people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, showing what God’s grace looks and feels like when it is received, lived and experienced.

Join a reading and discussion group, as we journey together through the three short stories in The hammer of God, looking at the characters, issues and events through which God calls, convicts and uplifts and renews the faith of ordinary Christians like you.



Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Challenging us to rethink our faith for the 21st century

  • Reverend Mike Pietsch, LCA Pastor at Morphett Vale Lutheran Church
  • Dr Maurice Schild, ALC Emeritus Lecturer

During the intense and crushing time of the Nazi era, the churches underwent a fiery smelting of their mix of gold and slag to discover their essence once again. This is seen particularly in the life and thinking of the young Lutheran pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer who allowed the slag to be burnt from the pure gold revealed in the Bible in the life, death, resurrection and message of Jesus. What Bonhoeffer found and refined from this testing time last century still has him speaking to church and world today, now a full 70 years after his death. Hitler’s henchmen ‘tried’ and murdered him along with other leading members of the resistance in the last weeks of the war (9 April, 1945).

Come and receive a drenching bath in his thinking about paradox and humour, his seminary teaching and practice of discipleship and ethics, his participation in the plot to kill Hitler; and his relationship with his fiancée while in prison. Learn about his committed engagement with the world and the actions which flowed from this. You will need to rethink your faith after you have engaged with Bonhoeffer’s Christ-centred theology, which takes us to the heart of Jesus and the Kingdom of God.

These four nights will be led by pastors Mike Pietsch and Dr Maurice Schild. Both have extensively studied, treasured and taught on Bonhoeffer for decades.